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The Office of the Sheriff is very complex and requires a passionate leader capable of multi-tasking every aspect of the Office.  My leadership traits make me a strong candidate for that position.  I would describe myself as motivated, hard working, dedicated, trustworthy, with high standards of integrity and loyalty. I believe in empowering my staff to be good decision makers capable of handling any situation they are faced with.  The Sheriff can not do this job alone.

So many times candidates make empty campaign promises that never come to fruition.  There are many issues that could be discussed during the campaign.  I want to discuss a few issues that I will address immediately after being elected as the next Washburn County Sheriff. 

Relationship Building

I believe in building strong relationships with the citizens of Washburn County. The Sheriff's Office depends upon the respect and the confidence from the community. Our oath to protect and serve is a small fraction of what law enforcement is about. Have faith that I am listening and am dedicated to working with the citizens to build a solid core of trust and understanding between the Sheriff's Office and the people we serve.  Washburn County deserves a Sheriff that is fully invested in the people of Washburn County. The people deserve a Sheriff that is "seated at the table" when these discussions are occurring.

How will we accomplish this?

  • I have already begun to reach out to the department heads within Washburn County. It is important to learn where department heads can work together for the common goal of serving the people of Washburn County.
  • I support the local police departments and would create quarterly administrative meetings with the Chiefs of every department thus ensuring that every community is recognized when important decisions are made concerning the future of Washburn County.
  • I recognize that being prepared is an important role for public safety. As Sheriff, I would create a training program to train along side our fire and EMS partners. No one can do it by themselves.  Teamwork is imperative to the success of any public safety deployment.
  • I believe that the Sheriff's Office is most effective when the community has involvement. As Sheriff, I would hold community round table forums twice every year to ensure that the citizens of Washburn County could be heard in a public setting. The forums would rotate throughout the different communities throughout Washburn County.
  • As simple as it sounds, I would be more than happy to interact with the people of Washburn County by answering their phone calls and returning their emails. I am excited to meet new people and look forward to meeting them in person. I will be actively seeking input from the citizens of Washburn County to better understand where their interests and concerns lie. Look for me out and about in Washburn County as I connect with the people of Washburn County. I look forward to speaking with you!

Recruitment, Retention and Training

The Sheriff can not do the work of protecting and serving by himself.  He depends on his well trained deputies to act on his behalf. When each deputy is hired, they complete a required 12 week field training program to orientate them to the standards, policies and procedures of the Washburn County Sheriff's Office. In today's political climate it is becoming more difficult for law enforcement agencies to hire and retain qualified members of their departments. Washburn County is no different. Recruitment, retention and training are crucial elements to maintaining a high level of standard for law enforcement in Washburn County.

How will we accomplish this?

  • As Sheriff, I will actively seek out new members of the Sheriff's Office through building relationships within the community. Through involvement with the community, I would watch for potential candidates on a daily basis. The second step is to work hand in hand with the individual police chiefs within Washburn County to create an environment where part time deputies/officers could be utilized throughout every department with in Washburn County.
  • I strongly promote recognition for Deputy's successes. I live by the motto, "Be your best..." I will create a recognition program for Sheriff Department staff including a structure that awards merit.
  • Continuing education is key to the success of any Sheriff's Office member. As Sheriff, I will review the individual training records with each member of the office to determine where training could benefit each member. I will work with the Chief Deputy to determine a required level of training above and beyond what is required by the State of Wisconsin.
  • Immediately after taking the Office of Sheriff, I will begin the process of meeting individually with every member of the Sheriff's Office to discuss their role within the Sheriff's Office. This will include gathering suggestions and concerns of the members of the Office. My collaboration with the members of the Sheriff's Office will ensure the Sheriff's Office Mission Statement: Others First!

Sheriff's Office Transparency

Community trust is one of the most important goals I will strive for as Sheriff. The concept of "service over self" is something I truly believe in. Our Sheriff's Office is comprised of individuals who go above and beyond every day to do their small part to make our communities the best they can be. We however can not do this alone.  We depend on the community to help us achieve our goals. In order to gain the community's trust the Sheriff must offer a strong level of transparency.

How will we do this?

Following my election as the next Washburn County Sheriff, I will immediately enact the following changes to the operating procedures of the Sheriff's Office.

  • I will work closely with the local media outlets to ensure that the public is aware of what is happening within the Sheriff's Office, including completion of training, new equipment, deputy's achievements, and new policies.
  • I will release a monthly press release detailing a break down of the calls for service that the Sheriff's Office responded to.
  • I will use social media to help build relationships between the Sheriff's Office and the communities we serve.  Frequent press releases is one way to inform the community of the day to day operations of the Sheriff's Office.

Tuttle for Sheriff - Lesa Dahlstrom Treasurer
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